Monday, July 5, 2010

BEST Capital Construction Grants Go to Five Charter Schools

The Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) grant program's board is recommending 35 cash grant awards, including five charter school projects. To be eligible for the grant program, the project needs to have a local match. Lake George, N Routt and Vista are all being recommended for the lease-purchase funding portion of the BEST program.

The five charter schools recommended for funding include:
1. James Irwin Charter Middle School: $655,280 for a roof replacement
2. Marble Charter School: $177,768 for a walkway between school buildings
3. Lake George Charter School: $6,488,532 for a new P-6 school
4. North Routt Charter School: $3,186,671 for a new K-8 building
5. Vista Charter High School: $4,595,063 for a high school facility replacement

Having been at most of these facilities, it's easy to say that these schools are very deserving of this financial assistance. Small, rural schools such as Marble, N Routt and Lake George are the lifeblood of these small communities and have very few options for facilities. Marble and N Routt are at least partially in facilities that are listed as a historical building. Translated this means lots of charm and minimal functionality.
Update: Lake George article

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